Type Residence
2600 Glostrup

Carl Bro Haven

Type Residence
Basisleje kr./m²/år
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Gårdrum mellem bygninger i Granskoven
Fælles drivhus i Granskove

Granskoven 8-10, 2600 Glostrup

Family and senior homes with the forest as a neighbor

Close to Vestskoven in Glostrup, we are building 198 visionary homes – close to the city, close to nature, and close to institutions, schools, and shopping opportunities.

Carl Bro Haven will be ready for move-in during the summer of 2024, and the registration process is already in full swing.

Come to the open house in the model homes now.

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  • The community at the center

    Green areas with, among other things, an orangery create a cozy atmosphere in Carl Bro Haven

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