Bagsværd Møllevej 3

Bagsværd Møllevej 3, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

A high-quality property that can be used for multiple purposes

The Bagsværd Møllevej property is located in an area that offers a little bit of everything. With a large plot and green areas that surround the property and Bagsværd Lake just a few hundred meters away, the area is practically oozing with tranquility and natural beauty.

At the same time, you will be close to both the ring road and highway which provides optimal conditions for those coming and going. The property was constructed in the 1960s, and the 1960s architectural style has been preserved over the decades. Therefore, today the property is full of both soul and character, with original elements and characteristic details such as dark teak wooden panels, Arne Jacobsen door handles and large windows that let in a lot of great light plus charming rooms.

The property’s basement layout consists of rooms of various sizes that would be great for storerooms and workshops. A wide ramp leads directly from the property’s outdoor areas to the basement.

Hent prospekt
  • The property

    The property is surrounded by a large garden.

  • The entrance area

    A great entrance area in a contemporary style.

  • The hallway

    The property has preserved its original expression.

  • Arne Jacobsen door handles

    The property has loads of both soul and character, with original elements.

  • Interior design

    Beautiful original dark teak wooden panels, great light from the windows and large rooms.

  • Interior design

    The property was constructed in the 1960s.


Base rent

100-495 DKK/m²/year

  • Base rent (office): 495 DKK/m²/year
  • Base rent (high basement): 200 DKK/m²/year
  • Basic rent (low basement): 100 DKK/m²/year

Taxes and duties

93 DKK/m²/year


100 DKK/m²/year


120 DKK/m²/year


20-578 m²

  • Area (office): 20-578 m²
  • Area (basement/storage): 20-63 m²



Energy label


Case number





Meeting room

Storage facility

Copying facilities

Parking on terrain

Original from the 1960s with good access to public transport

The property was constructed for TDC in the early 1960s and is still in its original state which matches that of the period. Bagsværd Møllevej is in a very central location in terms of access to public transport.

Both Bagsværd Station and Lyngby Station are only two kilometres from the property, and there are several bus routes just a few hundred metres away as well. If you are arriving by car, there are good parking options outside on both sides of the property. The parking spaces are free to use. There is a ring road and highway close by as well, making it easy for those coming and going.

Available leases

Floor Lease Base rent  Area
Ground floor 1 495 DKK/m²/year  20-318 m² 
1st floor 2 495 DKK/m²/year 20-260 m²
Basement 3 160 cm ceiling height: 100 DKK/m²/year
Full ceiling height: 200 DKK/m²/year
20-63 m²

Nearest public transport

450m til den nærmeste bus


1.500m til den nærmeste metro

Metrostop M3/M4: Østerport

1.500m til den nærmeste togstation


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