Nicolai Eigtveds Gade 28

Nicolai Eigtveds Gade 28, 5th floor, 1402 København K

Prospects for a great work environment

ATP Real Estate is pleased to present one of Copenhagen’s most prestigious properties for those of you who are looking for an office premises with plenty of space, air, beautiful details, and well-thought-out design – combined with an in incomparable view. And, what’s more – right in the heart of Copenhagen.

Christianshavn is one of the most sought-after locations in Copenhagen for a large, modern company to be situated. It is a part of the city that has everything you need! It is located right in the heart of Copenhagen in a charming and vibrant neighbourhood full of authentic ambience with quaint, narrow, cobblestoned streets, beautiful buildings and excellent transportation options.

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  • Christiansbro

    Welcome to the charming and central Christianshavn.

  • Glasbroen (the Glass Bridge)

    The buildings facing the harbour are constructed from light and transparent materials.

  • An office with a view

    A lease with plenty of space, air, beautiful details and well-thought-out design - with a great view.

  • Glass bridges

    Glass bridges connect the buildings and create an airy corridor.


Base rent

1,850 DKK/m²/year

Taxes and duties

333 DKK/m²/year


406 DKK/m²/year

Heating and water

186 DKK/m²/year


1,693 m²



Energy label




Meeting room

Bicycle parking


Fibre network

Underground parking facilities

Nicolai Eigtveds Gade 28, 5th floor
  DKK/m²/year DKK/month DKK/year
Rent 1,850 DKK 261,004 DKK 3,132,050 DKK
Taxes and duties 333 DKK 46,981 DKK 563,769 DKK
Prepaid operations 406 DKK 57,280 DKK 687,358 DKK
Prepaid water and heating 186 DKK 26,242 DKK 314,898 DKK
Total rent 2,275 DKK 391,506 DKK 4,698,075 DKK


An exclusive framework built from carefully considered materials

The property consists of two large buildings known as Premises A and Premises U. These premises are placed so that the sections surrounding the church are finished off in materials that reflect the church’s own, whilst the buildings facing the harbour are made of light, transparent materials. In this way, full advantage is taken of the panoramic views over Copenhagen harbour. The buildings themselves are primarily constructed out of durable, Scandinavian materials, which are simple and maintenance-free. This results in minimal environmental impact and requires the use of very few resources for maintenance. The south-facing façade has external screens to provide the offices with shade from the sun during the summer months.

Nearest public transport

450m til den nærmeste bus


1.500m til den nærmeste metro

Metrostop M3/M4: Østerport

1.500m til den nærmeste togstation


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