Hammerichsgade 14/
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2

kontorlejemål hc andersens boulevard

Hammerichsgade 14/H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2, 1604 København V

2,309 m² of office leases in an iconic property

Exciting office leases in the impressive red brick property on the corner of Hammerichsgade and H.C. Andersens Boulevard. Here you will get a unique interior, lots of flexibility and exquisite details at an address that is pulsating with life 24/7.

The property’s A-shape makes it easy to move around inside the premises, making work just a little bit more efficient. Back in 1920, the property was one of the first built in what was at the time a very green area around Vesterport Station. Since then new buildings have appeared, but the property retains its highly noticeable and impressive building mass which is beautifully situated by the entrance to downtown Copenhagen. With the lakes, Rådhuspladsen and Vesterport Station right around the corner, the property is definitely located in one of the city’s key locations.

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  • The property

    The iconic corner property in the intersection between Hammerichsgade 14/H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2.

  • Entrance to the property

    When you arrive at the property, you will be impressed by the entrance area to this corner building.

  • Stairs

    The stairs reach to the 2nd floor of the property where the available lease is located.

  • Office space

    Hold an informal meeting in the lounge area.

  • Office

    Today, the property includes small offices and meeting rooms of various sizes - all of them with nice white-polished window frames.

  • Views

    Enjoy the views to the city’s hustle and bustle from the white-polished window frames.


Base rent

1,750 DKK/m²/year

Taxes and duties

Included in operating costs


453 DKK/m²/year

Heating and water

123 DKK/m²/year


2,309 m²



Energy label


Case number




Meeting room

Bicycle parking



Nearest public transport

450m til den nærmeste bus


1.500m til den nærmeste metro

Metrostop M3/M4: Østerport

1.500m til den nærmeste togstation


I can help you

If you have questions about the lease or want to schedule a viewing, feel free to contact me.

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Asset Manager,
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