Type Store
Basisleje 2.600 kr./m²/år
Areal 75-304 m²
5000 Odense C

Østre Stationsvej 27, 2nd floor

Type Store
Basisleje 2.600 kr./m²/år
Areal 75-304 m²
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Odense Banegård Center, Østre Stationsvej 27, 2nd floor, 5000 Odense C

Become part of Odense’s busiest traffic hub

Odense Banegård Center is located on Østre Stationsvej in the heart of the city and is Odense’s main train station. Odense is the largest city on the island of Funen and is the 3rd largest city in Denmark. It is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and home to the museum about this world-famous fairy tale writer. In 1995, the city’s old train station was replaced by a 36.000 m² centre, which is why today it is called Odense Banegård Center (Odense Train Station Centre) or, colloquially, OBC.

The location at the train station makes Odense Banegård Center a great place for smaller stores to provide services to not only travellers  – but also visitors who come to downtown Odense and are looking for a special and personal experience.

This lease is on the 2nd floor with direct access to the escalators which creates a large flow of customers, as the foot traffic from the street to the trains tends to use this escalator. The layout is fairly standard which gives you several options, whether you want to use it for retail or as a café/restaurant.

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  • A central traffic hub

    Odense Banegård Center is in downtown Odense and gets around 40.000 visitors every single day, making the centre a very important traffic hub for businesses.

  • A visible location

    The lease is on the 2nd floor with direct access to the escalator, guaranteeing a large flow of customers.

  • Facade with great potential

    The large floor-to-ceiling window facade makes for ample visibility and many opportunities for decoration.





Storage facility

Handicap friendly

Østre Stationsvej 27, 2nd floor
DKK/m²/year DKK/month DKK/year
Rent 2,600 DKK 65,867 DKK 790,400 DKK
Taxes and duties 32 DKK 811 DKK 9,728 DKK
Prepaid operations 392 DKK 9,931 DKK 119,168 DKK
Prepaid water and heating 152 DKK 3,851 DKK 46,208 DKK
Total rent 3,176 DKK 80,459 DKK 965,504 DKK

An address at the train station

With an address in Odense Banegård Center, both your clients and employees will enjoy very easy access to and from the location. From Odense Station, there are InterCity and InterCityLyn (express) trains to other regions in Denmark, e.g. Jutland and Copenhagen, and local trains to cities relatively near to Odense: Svendborg, Ringe and Fredericia. Additionally, the train station acts as a traffic hub for buses going to the rest of Funen and city buses going around Odense. The future light rail line between Tarup Center (northwest of Odense) and Hjallese Station (southwest of Odense) will go through and make a stop at Odense Station.

Odense Banegård Centre has its own multistorey car park making it easy for visitors to find a parking space despite its city centre location.

Nearest public transport

450m til den nærmeste bus


1.500m til den nærmeste metro

Metrostop M3/M4: Østerport

1.500m til den nærmeste togstation


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