Sydvestvej 102 and 104

Sydvestvej 102 and 104, 2600 Glostrup

Modern office property in Glostrup

Welcome to four properties that are not only in great locations near ring roads and highways, but which are also distinct due to their presentable and versatile office premises that can be used for multiple purposes.

The property was constructed in 1987 and consists of four U-shaped buildings – all of them have a modern architectural expression and large inviting entrance areas with glass facades. The result is that all of the floors have optimal conditions for natural light. In 2019 and 2020, the window glasses were replaced on all of the buildings. The new types of windows contain integrated solar film. 

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  • Between the properties

    Green trees and parking between the properties.

  • Facade

    The facade has recently been cleaned.

  • Lounge area

    Bright and inviting lounge area.

  • Office space

    Bright office spaces with large windows.

  • Meeting rooms

    Bright meeting rooms with ample space.

  • Courtyard

    The courtyard boasts lavender, rosemary and new garden furniture


Base rent

300-595 DKK/m²/year

Basic rent (office) – 595 DKK/m²/year

Basic rent (storage) – 385 DKK/m²/year

Basic rent (basement) – 300 DKK/m²/year

Taxes and duties

96 DKK/m²/year


60 DKK/m²/year


60 DKK/m²/year


450-4,320 m²


Office and stock room

Energy label





Storage facility

Courtyard environment


Copying facilities

Parking on terrain

Available leases

Sydvestvej 102
Floor Base rent Area
Ground floor right 595 DKK/m²/year 441 m²
Ground floor left  595 DKK/m²/year 608 m²
2. floor right 595 DKK/m²/year 604 m²
2. floor left 595 DKK/m²/year 610 m²
Basement and archive 300 DKK/m²/year 785 m²
Sydvestvej 104
Floor Base rent Area
1. floor right 595 DKK/m²/year 691 m²
2. floor right 595 DKK/m²/year 691 m²
2. floor left 595 DKK/m²/year 699 m²
Basement 300 DKK/m²/year 634 m²

Good parking and shopping opportunities

In relation to inner Copenhagen, where vacant parking spaces are often in short supply, it is easy to park the car on Sydvestvej 98-104. Free on-site parking is available right next to the properties.There has also been created an access route to the neighbouring building’s retail area, which includes a Netto, Jysk, Maxizoo, Harald Nyborg, Biltema, etc.

Nearest public transport

450m til den nærmeste bus


1.500m til den nærmeste metro

Metrostop M3/M4: Østerport

1.500m til den nærmeste togstation


I can help you

If you have questions about the lease or want to schedule a viewing, feel free to contact me.

Or would you like a call from us?

Yes, please call me

Simone Dahl

Asset Manager,
Asset Management

Phone +45 24 40 45 11 E-mail