Existing customer or supplier? Here you will find information about whom to contact, how to submit service requests using the digital platform DaluxFM and how to submit invoices correctly.

Service Center – business hours and contact information

Our Service Center is open on business days from 8.00 – 16.00.


Phone: +45 33 36 61 91


Outside of business hours please call Falck on +45 70 24 45 17 if urgent and immediate assistance is required in connection with damage to or at one of our properties.

How to report service requests via DaluxFM

If you are client, you submit service requests via the digital platform DaluxFM

Follow this guide (in Danish)


As a supplier, you receive and process service requests using DaluxFM. Please contact our service center if you need more information. You’ll find the phone number in the bottom of this page.


ATP Ejendomme only accepts digital (electronic) invoices and credit notes submitted through our GLN/EAN-number, using the OIOUBL-format. This allows for swift and efficient processing of incoming invoices. Please contact us if your company is unable to submit digital invoices.


Most ERP systems allow for issuing invoices through an OIO template. If that is not the case in your company, several invoicing portals are available – including ATP Ejendomme’s own, which is free of charge. Read more under Invoicing portals.

Invoicing information

When you invoice us, please make sure that:


1. The invoice is sent in OIOUBL format to GLN/EAN number: 5790002107368


2. The invoice is issued to the correct company, depending on the delivery address/property address – you will find an overview of addresses and companies here.


3. The correct order reference is entered. The order reference is unique for each of our properties or projects. The reference must therefore be different every time an invoice is issued and sent electronically to GLN 5790002107368, as it might be an invoice to one of the companies we manage, and not to ATP Real Estate A/S.


The reference consists of the letter “S” and ten digits, eg “S1601200025” or the letter “F” and four digits, eg “F1601”. Avoid spaces, hyphens, words or other characters. If you are in doubt about which reference to enter, please contact the person who placed the order or our finance department.


Here you can find out how to enter the order reference in the system your company uses (in Danish).


4. The name of the person from ATP Real Estate placing the order is stated, e.g. in a comment field.


5. If you have recieved the purchased service via DaluxFM, the Dalux task ID must also appear on the invoice. Preferably in a comment field or in a product line, but not as an order reference.


Please be aware that:

– Our payment terms are current month + 30 days, unless otherwise agreed.

– We reserve the right to reject an incomplete invoice/credit note.

– An incomplete invoice is retained in our invoice filter – and does not reach approval and payment, unless the invoice issuer enriches the invoice.


Please note that you should not credit an incorrectly issued invoice unless it is issued to an incorrect company. If the invoice recipient is correct, the invoice can be amended via the ‘Correct invoice’ button in the email that is automatically sent to the email address we have registered in our creditor directory. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


It is important that we have the correct email address

If an invoice is incorrect, it will be withheld and a message will automatically be sent to the email address we have registered at your company – ideally the accounting department or the finance department. It is important that we have the correct email address registered in our creditor directory. Please contact us if the email address needs to be corrected.

Betalingsservice (Payment Service)

Invoices that have previously been recorded in “Betalingsservice” (automated payments system) should not be changed to or submitted as digital/electronic invoices.

Contact us


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Phone: +45 33 36 61 61



ATP Ejendomme A/S

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Phone: +45 86 76 21 21

Any questions?

If you have any questions or if we can help you
in some other way, please feel free to contact me.

Lene Rytter Larsen

Receptionist, Reception

Phone +45 33 36 61 61 E-mail